Start the holiday season off right with these helpful tips from Sarah Chatley!

You worked hard all summer to be disciplined, eating light and right while working out. If you find it hard to get up in the mornings all of a sudden, you are not alone! Daylight savings has stole our light, while the temperatures dip with the early sun.

But in order to ultimately enjoy the upcoming holidays with all of its parties and barrage of foods, don't put off your regimen until January. You will regret it, I promise! A few tips to keep carrying yourself into the new year, with your head held high. It just may be the best gift you give yourself!

1) One and Done

Have only one glass of wine or one cocktail at any given party, and then be done with the bar. Beyond calorically speaking for your waistline, it can hinder your sleep with its high amount of sugar. Lack of sleep alone affects your waistline, and you will be more enticed than ever to hit that snooze button more than once, skipping your workout routine. So it is technically a double threat.


2) Go shopping

A simple little thing like buying new work out gear gives anyone a little morale boost. Brand new colors and new designs will give you something to look forward to wearing, whether being outside or trying a new workout class. Plus, the act of trying on clothes will remind you of your accomplishments thus far and why you are being so dedicated! Another dual purpose tip!


3) Go to bed at a descent hour

If we don't get our sleep, we can't possibly expect to run our day's course and work out. Whether you work out in the morning or evening, it does not matter. You need the fuel to do so, and sleep is the number one way to refuel our bodies. If you need 8 hours of sleep, begin a relaxing ritual an hour before your desired time to turn in.  For example, take a warm bath while sipping relaxing tea. Read an actual book and not a digital book. (The bright light of our digital toys interrupt our melatonin production, which is a must for sound sleep).


4) Use Fido as an excuse

Help Fido help you. Fido needs exercise too, no matter his size. We all need to breathe and move. Fresh air in, stale air out. Our pets are an extention of us. What shape they are in, is a good reflection of their owner's shape. Keeping them mobile, keeps their joints lubricated, heart healthy, disease preventative and a smile on their face, as with their human comrades.


5) Just Ask

You will be surprised as to what you will receive if you simply ask. Ask yourself in the mirror to "Please wake up at 5:00am". Ask yourself and your higher power. The two will come together and you will wake up, maybe even before your alarm. As to whether you get out of the bed is up to you, which takes me to my final tip...


6) Breathe and Move

Change your mindset! As how any bad habit forms, so do good ones. Take it one day at a time and whether you believe it or not, look forward to your workout. "Fake it until you make it," a mentor of mine has once said.

If all you do is get up and walk on the treadmill while drinking your coffee, you did it! All you need to do is just breathe and move. You can even use that as a mantra: " just breathe and move, Just breathe and move". Your body will naturally respond to these actions positively, as well as your mind.

These tips will help you to continue on your healthy path. Setting the tone for the day with the accomplishment of getting your workout in first before any other thing on your to-do list, is huge! You'll have more patience at work and be more productive, have a spring in your step which leads to confidence, make better food choices and then it will carry over at home too. It is a domino effect will let you enjoy the holidays even more with way less stress. It truly is the best gift you can give yourself. Come January when you dont have to play catch up, your friends will look to you for advice. Happy Holidays! (Truly!)