Hello July!

We wish everyone a happy + healthy Independence Day weekend!

Pure will be closed on Saturday July 4, 2015.

Pay What You Can Tuesday's!

Services included:
Facials, Facial Waxing, Shampoo + Blow Drys and Haircuts!!!

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First Time To The Spa $120

Full Body Exfoliation

A full body dry exfoliation derived from organic ginger, sugar and grapefruit. This increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and delivers baby soft skin which is then hydrated with a delicious body butter. 60 min

Balancing Facial

A customized facial according to your skin's needs, whether dry or oily, will leave you balanced and renewed. All facials are performed using our hand-chosen line Kimberly Parry Organics. 60 min

New Services Available!

Link Extensions - No chemicals, no adhesives, no damage, easy removal, reusable for clip-in (wefts)

Natural Hairstyling - Braiding and twisting with extensions, faux dreads, twist out's + locks

Complimentary hair analysis + reconstructing treatment w/ purchase of haircut or a hair coloring service! 

What is hair analysis?

Proper hair analysis, which accurately assesses the health of the client’s hair, is an essential component of the most successful color service. There are six key factors that must be determined:

• Elasticity

• Texture

• Density

• Porosity

• Moisture

• Wave Pattern

After analyzing your hair strands, one of the two reconstructors below will be used.

Aqua Boost Treatment is an intense moisturizing reconstructor formulated from a range of certified organic ingredients including aloe vera extract, wheat protein, vitamin B5 and natural sunflower seed extracts to nourish hair, leaving it soft and smooth. It will release very hard hair and should be used before coloring or perming as a primary preparation step. It is very beneficial to use it before coloring resistant grey hair, as it easily releases a tight, course cuticle allowing it to open more quickly, ensuring better penetration of the color pigments.

Designed to re-build damaged hair and give fine limp hair more body. Power Build Treatment is an intense volumizing reconstructor that is 80% protein and 20% moisture. It is formulated from a range of organic extracts to lift fine, limp, colored or bleached hair, leaving the hair soft and smooth.

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