Meet Justin!

Justin Lee Bachelor's in Kinesiology, Exercise Science

Justin Lee Bachelor's in Kinesiology, Exercise Science

Let me create your workouts!

 I can help you with muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, and cardiorespiratory health. You can achieve progress in all these areas by utilizing calisthenics, a form of exercise in which your own body weight serves as the resistance. In some cases, depending upon the individual and his/her health goals, some equipment may be required to supplement this type of training. This may be elastic bands, dumbbells, Swiss spheres, and rings; of course, access to a gym and all the typical equipment therein is not bad, but it's also not required!

  • Keep in shape for your job
  • Prepare for an event(vacation, competition, wedding, etc.)
  • Use your toddler to exercise
  • Increase your independence for daily living activities
  • Increase/maintain bone mineral density
  • I'll come to you for gym or gym-free, and online training

FIRST TIME GUESTS will receive a COMPLIMENTARY SESSION upon any package purchase.

Let's keep those resolutions and good intentions going throughout 2016! Justin is proud to introduce boot camp classes to you. All levels are welcome! Classes will be help at Judson Baptist Church on Franklin Road. Sign up by messaging him here!

Personal Training Rates

Single session (60 min) $75

Monthly On-Line Training $100 (Includes: weekly in-person/skype sessions, check-in's/email support, nutritional tips/text reminders and encouragement, execution notes, video demonstrations, private Facebook group support)

5 sessions(60 min)              $356($375 value)

8 sessions(60 min)              $540($600 value)

20 sessions(60 min)           $1200($1500 value)