Meet: John Stanislawski!

John Stanislawski

John Stanislawski

John Stanislawski will be accompanying Lillie Syracuse for our Celebrate Sustainable Launch + Client Appreciation Party! A little bit about this guy, besides his mouthful-of a name..

John moved to Nashville in January of this year with his wife and WSMV reporter, Liz Lohuis. He spends his time as a realtor with Village and as a musician/songwriter. In addition to helping new clients find their "Safe at Home" in Nashville, John writes and actively performs in writer's rounds throughout Nashville. His song "Pink (Is the Color of the Blues)" was nominated for the Nashville Songwriters Association International's quarterly Top 40 list and he has performed on WSM's "Coffee, Country, and Cody" with co-writing partner Ashley Briggs.

We can't wait for John to share his music with you.

Check him out on the web at as well as on Instagram: @jstanno61.