You may have seen this guy popping in and out of Pure from time to time, met him during his monthly health presentations or have worked with him in his personal training sessions or group fitness classes. We have been sharing his services with everyone for some time now and have also included his services on our Wellness Membership. If you haven't had the opportunity to meet or work with Justin, We've just made it a little bit easier. Now you can book services with this great guy directly from Pure. Just like any of our amazing service providers, you can click on Justin's profile and schedule away! He will be notified immediately if you have a request for training or group fitness classes.

I know you are probably wondering where the heck do you do personal training and classes at Pure? Well, he can met you anywhere! The world is his gym. Whether it be online coaching, his location or traveling to your personal fitness facility, home or a local park; he will customize a program for your specific lifestyle and fitness goals.

First time meeting? You could totally meet at Pure, a coffee shop near by or meet him at the gym he primarily works out of; Judson Baptist Church gymnasium in Brentwood for consultations. He is always available for phone consults as well.

Here is a little bit about Justin....

As a personal trainer I enjoy working with people on a one-on-one basis to really focus on proper form and execution of the exercises. This is really important if you want to look a certain way, or improve your performance on a given exercise! We can’t simply do things that resemble what we want to do without utilizing our body’s muscles properly. If you’ve spent any time online, then you’ve probably seen some of the compilation videos of people misusing equipment, or seen someone hanging from a bar, swinging around looking like a fish on a fishing line when they’re attempting to perform a pull-up.  For advancement you must be aware of proper programming--the muscles to train for a given exercise, the order in which to contract them, and how long to keep them working. All of this starts with status, consistency, and feedback; that is, knowing where you are in pursuit of your goals, formulating a routine to which you can adhere with frequency, and evaluating your results after a given period of time.


     Justin Lee; JL FIT offers exercise instruction in the Nashville, TN area. People of varying ages and fitness levels can experience the benefits of exercise such as strength, muscle tone, weight management, and increased endurance. I offer group exercise class which is 30 minutes of mostly body weight cardio. I say "mostly" because, depending on the location, there are some types of equipment available which can open up more possibilities of activities and exercises. For these classes my goal is to keep you moving for 30 minutes, and I accomplish this by applying circuit training, or the rotation of exercises that target different muscle groups. This permits you to stress parts of the body without absolutely exhausting it. Additionally, by using a circuit the cardiovascular system gets a workout because it’s going for 30 minutes, all while the body is performing different exercises. 

Group Fitness Schedule

East Nashville: Cornelia Fort Air Park .  .  .  .  6AM Monday 6AM Wednesday 8AM Saturday

Brentwood: Judson Baptist Church/Gym.  .  .  .  11AM Monday 7AM Tuesday 2PM Tuesday 7AM Thursday

Bellevue: 865 Bellevue Road Fitness Center  .  .  .  .  5AM Tuesday 5AM Thursday

Bellevue Park  .  .  .  .  6:15PM Tuesday 6:15PM Thursday