Justin Lee  / Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology                                                        Personal Trainer/Instructor

Justin Lee /Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology                                                     Personal Trainer/Instructor

Personal Training

Let me give you one-on-one attention to show you how to program your movement patterns with the efficiency and strength your muscles need. Tone, build, fight the clock and boost your confidence!

Single 60 minute $45 Book Now

Partnered 60 minute $60 Book Now

5 sessions $214; 8 sessions $324; 20 sessions $720 Book Now

Online Training

Online training is great for individuals on the go! Receive check-ins, nutritional tips, email/text reminders and encouragement and performance/execution notes. I will customize a program for you wherever you might be in the world! 

Monthly $100 Book Now

Group Training

Join our weekly 30 minute calisthenic/body weight group fitness classes that engage the entire body. ALL LEVELS are welcome. 

Drop-in $15 Book Now

New Student Rate $30/30 days Book Now

5 classes $48; 8 classes $72; 20 classes $170


Group Fitness: schedule 

East Nashville: Cornelia Fort Air Park .  .  .  .  6AM Monday 6AM Wednesday 8AM Saturday

Brentwood: Judson Baptist Church/Gym.  .  .  .  11AM Monday 7AM Tuesday 2PM Tuesday 7AM Thursday

Bellevue: 865 Bellevue Road Fitness Center  .  .  .  .  5AM Tuesday 5AM Thursday

Bellevue Park  .  .  .  .  6:15PM Tuesday 6:15PM Thursday