Meet Jamie!!!

Photo Credit: Ashley Segroves

I find it very important to live an active lifestyle and exercise healthy eating habits. By offering a healthy alternative to maintain the hair, this allows me to express my passion in all aspects of the Beauty Industry. Having 10 years of professional experience in the world of hair, an eye for detail and passion for creating and maintaining  beauty in all walks of life. I am able to provide a precise look of what suits each individual in the best way possible.

My drive and determination to furthur my career continues to grow on a daily basis. I have exsposed myself to a variety of educational classes and seminars including intensive training in London, England. After which afterward, I was employed by two cruise lines, the Princess and the Celebrity. With an obvious appitite for travel and desire to advance myself, I look forward to working with a new clientel in Nashville after recently relocating from northern Indiana.

I take pride in tedious, detailed work and the education of my client base and myself on product knowledge with the sevice at hand. My experience with styling, formal up and down styling, precision cutting, dimentional coloring, color correction and hair smoothing allows me to listen to ones needs and desires in a most professional manor. I look forward to successfully delivering a personalized style of choice as well as input on any opinions I might add in a way of expressing ones look that I believe  all equally deserve.