A facial, what..

Benefits of a facial - why get one..


Facials are done in as many ways as a hair stylist styles hair, a massage therapist massages or a chef cooks. It is a work of art and a personalized one at that.

Sarah Chatley does her facials in a relaxing, dim lit room on a heated bed (upon your discretion) that you'll disrobe to get comfortably into. 

  •  facials are a treatment that is relaxing yet result-oriented. 
  • For starters you will steam in herbal tea and have a massage-oriented technique that encourages improvement in your skin's health, from forehead to décolleté.
  • Stress is reduced and relaxation induced while she feeds your skin the appropriate nourishment from her line of choice, Kimberly Parry Organics. 
  • Sarah's facials rid you of dull, dead skin which then allow for the ultimate product penetration. As she puts it :


"It is team work. Facials are a super boost to your at-home regimen, helping you accomplish your desired goal. So in essence, i take off where we left off last treatment, and you're maintaining everything in the interim. As with anything, results are accumulative and therefore this is the best method for the ultimate in skin health. I just happen to go about it in the most relaxing way possible to ensure a great experience and one you look forward to."


Remember: Healthy skin functions healthily, keeping acne at bay, dryness reduced and fine lines and pores minimized. Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks which is the skin's cycle (the same as hair).

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