Detox + Condition= Healthy, Happy Hair

The month of January you will receive 1/2 off your first Malibu treatment or a choice of three conditioning treatments with any coloring service.

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Detox: Features & Benefits of Malibu 

  • Immediately removes layers of “rock” on the hair caused by mineral build-up that can inhibit the successful processing of color & highlights
  • Processes color faster so chemicals don’t stay on the hair as long 
  • Prevents brassy tones from appearing that would cause colorist to have to use a stronger chemical to correct
  • Increases vibrancy 
  • Increases color’s staying power and helps prevent fading 
  • Helps remove most medication build-up (meds for blood pressure, diabetes, heart and thyroid to name a few) 
  • Helps prevent breakage prior, during and after service by stopping oxidation 
  • Minimizes burning and irritation from chemicals on clients with a sensitive scalp(which we do not have Pure) 
  • Infuses protein following chemical service for strength and integrity of the hair following oxidizing service

Who Needs It:

Everyone. Especially anyone exposed to hard water, pools, spas, or water softeners and oxidizing chemicals that are used to color, highlight, perm, straighten or relaxed hair.

Condition: a choice of treatments to choose from..

Feed Your Youth by Yarok

With Pure Yarrow and Avocado Oils
Now you can keep your hair young and beautiful and help the natural environment survive for generations to come.

This powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are responsibly harvested and provide the ultimate longevity-promoting treatment for all hair types. A key ingredient is Yarrow Oil, which is prescribed for dry skin conditions while Avocado Oil is among the most therapeutic and vitamin-rich oils.

Feed Your Sunshine by Yarok

With Organic Aloe Vera and Black Currant Seed Oil
Now all hair and scalp types can be protected from harsh pool chemicals and the damaging effects of the sun with this powerful and protective blend of organic and all natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and responsibly sourced oils. And after harsh exposure to the sun, your hair and scalp can be soothed and re-hydrated.

Feed Your Sunshine is also specially formulated to replenish and combat over processed hair, free radical assaults, product overload, every day stress and may even ease dry scalp conditions like dandruff.

Golden Rose Essential Oil Hair Treatment by O'Right

Golden Rose Essential Oil Hair Treatment gives your hair a nourishing SPA. It replenishes the fibronectin, which is lost due to excessive heat and chemical damage.  Also, its scents relaxes your scalp and mind.