National Massage Week

October 21-27th is national massage therapy awareness week!

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week is designed to raise public awareness of the health benefits of therapeutic massage and to encourage self-care. The benefits of massage can address physical, emotional, and mental needs. Massage is effective for a variety of medical reasons including muscle soreness, stiffness, and spasms. It has also proven beneficial for reducing pain, injuries, headaches, increased circulation, and improved immune system function.  Massage can reduce blood pressure and heart rate and increase endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers.  It is effective for relaxation and reducing stress by reducing the body's stress hormones.  Massage in a business setting has been effective in creating a less stressful work environment and increased productivity. Studies show that massage can also aid serious ailments like cancer and chronic pain.  Massage can even improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Schedule your appointment during this week to receive a $15 gift card off your next massage.