Hair "Link" Extensions

Pure Stylist Ray Taaffe is offering Link Extensions! They are adhesive, chemical/toxin and damage FREE hair extensions. She uses 100% real human hair, which means you can treat them as your own. You can curl, cut, color and style them however you want! They are also a great way to simply add length, body or pops of color to your existing styles.

How Does It Work?

Ray applies your extensions using a silicone-lined bead. The silicone acts as a barrier between the bead and your hair, preventing any damage.  The main difference between this technique and others is that copper lined beads are most commonly used in applying extensions, which are a lot more rough and eventually break the hair. With Ray's extension process using the silicone-lined bead, you will not experience any roughness or damage to your hair!

How Do I Maintain The Extensions?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, we simply tighten the extensions between every 5-7 weeks. Link Extensions are a great way for you to grow your hair, allowing for easier daily styling and less damage to the hair! 


See below for some before + after photos of Sarah Ridings and Jamie Fismer with their own Link Extensions!

Ta Da!..

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