Treat everyone kindly, including yourself

Photo by Christopher Morely

Photo by Christopher Morely

You gotta nourish to flourish

We all know how hard it can be to carve out time for ourselves in a day, week, month or even a year. I just have so many 'things' to do! 

Put more time and energy into to the thing that matters the most, YOU.

  Let's stop, take a deep breath giving yourself a complete body check. Go on, try it.

From the crown of your head to your ears, eyes, nose, drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth, relax your throat, neck and shoulders.

Are you still holding your breath? If so, keep going until you get all the way to your toes.

Did you feel tension anywhere? If you did not, I am afraid you might not be human.  As your trusted beauty professionals, we want to help, here is how. 

We have come up with a simple solution. Once a month, you will choose from a service list that consists of a customizable massage, facial, derma planning, reiki or a full body exfoliation. The point of this plan is to help you get on a regular schedule for a little TLC. You will also receive an additional 15% off any added spa services along with 15% off all retail purchases anytime that you will be visiting us.  Sorry, eyelash extensions are not included in the wellness plan.

We want to make this as easy as possible. In order to receive the wellness plan simply sign up in person or by contacting Pure | or 615-679-0221

 Take care of YOU. Its ok to take a break.

Monthly Plan $70One service per month | 15% off spa services; including waxing15% off ALL retail

  • 60 min customizable massage $85
  • 60 min balancing facial $85
  • 45 min dermaplanning $85
  • 60 min reiki $75
  • 40 min full body exfoliation $75

 Your wellness plan does not include eyelash extensions

 Sign up in person or by contacting Pure | 615.679.0221

No contract. Just email us a 30 day cancellation notice.