Meet Mallory!

Mallory Granarth   | Pure Stylist

Mallory Granarth | Pure Stylist

Mallory Granarth

I find myself in Nashville because of my love for nature and my desire to do my part in the preservation of it. I began my career back in Milwaukee, WI ten years ago. Within those years, I advanced to the level of Master Stylist, extension educator and trainer, and Artistic Director of the salon. I was diligent about keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends, finding the newest products and styling techniques, enabling me to grow professionally. I bring with me many years of experience, many hours of education, but most importantly, I bring a desire to learn.

One of my favorite aspects of being a stylist is the influence I can have on my clients’ exploration of their own personal style. I strive to promote individualized expression with each head I touch. I think it is so important to teach my clients maintenance and style techniques that will help them recreate the artistry of the salon. 

My desire to learn, along with my desire to be environmentally conscious led me to Pure, where I will be able to continue to develop my professional craft. Because above all, I am an artist, with hair and beauty being my canvas. I share my artistry each day with my clients, and one of my greatest joys is helping people feel beautiful. And to be part of the amazing Pure team, colleagues and clients that embrace their awareness and footprint on Mother Earth is where I know I must be, and must grow and create...

"To be given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life." -Bette Davis