Pure offers another eco-friendly, damage free type of hair extensions!

No Chemicals, No Heat, No Damage!

 Easy to take care of, quick application, cost efficient and eco friendly

We are now offering tape-in hair extensions! With an eco-friendly mindset, these 100 % natural, Remy hair extensions are invisible to the viewers eye. What is Remy hair? Remy hair is the finest quality of human hair that preserves the hairs cuticle. It is non-stripping unlike most other non Remy extensions.

The tape-in method can be used to add desired length, volume, and dimensional hair color. Tape-in extensions can be added to the finest of hair by customizing the weight of the extension and on any texture of hair (smooth or curly). 

Our tape-in extensions are made with anti-shedding technology, allowing the hair to be used and reapplied for up to three or four applications! These eco-friendly extensions come in over thirty 35 colors and will allow our specialist, Mallory, to customize any hair color to your desired level and tone.


Here is a walk through of the service application...


The extensions are made in one-inch wefts of hair and are installed in one hour, tops! They are applied by sandwiching a thin slice of your own hair in the extension using a premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive. They lay flat against your scalp conforming to the shape of your head and are extremely durable. The tape adhesive will never be applied directly to your scalp. 

Generally, tape-in extensions last between four and eight weeks before a reapplication is needed. Your hair and growth cycle will determine when you will need to schedule an extension retouch.  At your determined time of service with Mallory, she will remove the extensions using an organic adhesive remover. The extensions are then cleaned, blow dried, and are reapplied to the hair. At this point in the reapplication process, Mallory would apply any coloring. 

How much is this going to cost?

Eco-friendly, tape-in extensions will cost $100 to $300 for an application. During your complimentary consultation your specialist, Mallory, will decide the cost of the hair. This is all determined by analyzing the density, length, and texture of the hair that is needed. The hair that will be chosen for you will last up to one year.

Before and after by Pure Stylist, Mallory Granrath

Before and after by Pure Stylist, Mallory Granrath

How to care for your extensions...

Mallory recommends washing your hair with a paraben, sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Any styling products that would normally be prescribed by your organic hair specialist will be work wonderfully with your extensions. At Pure, we do like to suggest using a hydrating serum like OWay's Nurturing Drops (fine hair) or OWay's Glossy Nectar (medium or coarse hair).  You would apply the serums to the ends of your hair twice daily: before bed and while getting ready for your day. 

You will want to gently tie your hair up in a loose pony while sleeping to avoid matting. As always, we recommend sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.

 No chemicals, no heat and no damage.