One Year Sustainable with GCS + DIY Hand Soap!


November brings us to a full year of being in a sustainable salon! That's 600-pounds of waste that we alone have been able to divert from landfills - and we think that is worth celebrating. We partnered with Urban Green Labs - a Nashville non-profit that's mission is to teach communities how to live sustainable, healthy lives - to have a mini celebration and open discussion about what it means to be an organic, sustainable business, as well as, to do a little eco-friendly diy!


Creating a sustainable experience has been an important change we are proud to have made; Green Circle Salons has been an amazing partner in the journey. Innovative and creative, these pioneers have been creating truly sustainable solutions for repurposing, recycling, and capturing 95% of salon and spa waste since 2009. With 1,500+ member salons, there is a sustainable salon in nearly every state and province in North America. (Find one near you here! + Check out more about GCS from another post!) 

Reducing, reusing, and recycling are steps we stand for. We make a point to use sustainable methods of business whenever possible: emailing receipts; using washable towels, capes, gloves, and color bowls; using body heat instead of electric drier heat to set color; the list goes on and on. We love our lines for their cruelty-free, clean ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. (Hello O'right being created in a low-carbon, eco-friendly plant; the FIRST, in Asia! Also can we mention Oway, an organic, biodynamic, line from Italy that comes in containers made of metal and, the infinitely recyclable, glass! Looking more local? We suggest Innersense. With a mission to formulate products with sustainably-sourced, ethically-harvested ingredients, they use conscious chemistry to cold-press and distill their biodynamic, organic ingredients to maintain an unparalleled level of purity.)

While making the choice to use green products is awesome, we also support upcycling. Next time you make a choice as a consumer, think about how you can use the product waste after it is "used." An AMAZING example is one of our favorite things Green Circle Salons upcycles, your haircut clippings transformed into booms that sop up environmental oil spills or into pet bedding for animal shelters! Looking for something you can do yourself? How about taking a empty Oway shampoo and making yourself a moisturizing, essential oil, hand soap? 

This simple recipe can be made with bulk ingredients you may already have laying around the house and comes together in a couple minutes. We suggest making a double batch and storing the extra under the sink! Recipe below: 

Hand Soap Recipe Cards.jpg