Going Waste Free with Green Circle Salons


Have you ever thought about the amount of waste your usual cut and color generates? Your hair, the excess color, the foils - they get left behind when you leave rocking your fancy, new do. That waste is not only excessive, it is difficult to manage, and completely unnecessary. We at Pure find this amount of garbage... well, garbage. We want you to leave your service feeling good not only about your fresh look but, also your impact on the environment. 

We VERY proudly work with Green Circle Salons, an awesome company that repurposes, recycles, and captures 95% of salon and spa waste. They rock, like we create zero service-trash, rock. Let's just get into just some of the things they recycle, shall we? 

Photo Courtesy of Green Circle Salons   

Photo Courtesy of Green Circle Salons


First up, hair. Green Circle Salons repurposes your cut hair. Normally it would get swept into the trash but, Green Circle instead creates hair booms used to clean up oil spills and pet bedding for all the furry cuties at animal shelters. They also recycle glass, papers, plastics, and metals; where your color foils, the product bottles, the shipment boxes, and your color tubes all go to find a new life. Mentioning that color, we collect our excess color from services and Green Circle is able to isolate the water and cleanly reintroduce it into the water supply. Have we brought up how much they rock?


It's amazing to work with a company that makes us better and cares about the environment as much as we do. We love knowing we're not creating garbage and are excited about what Green Circle does with our recyclables. In the seven months that we have partnered, we, at Pure, have had over 1,500 Green Circle Salon customers! Oh, let us not forget, the ticker on the Green Circle Salons website that constantly keeps track of the ever increasing, millions of pounds of waste they've been able to divert from landfills and waterways? Seriously praise hands. Praise hands all around. 🙌