Detox Your Hair with Dr. Axe

Bad news, your hair probably has toxic build up. If you haven’t been eating clean, if you have been taking prescription medicine, if you’ve been showering or been outside (😱), it’s there. Pollution, medication, hard water, dirty food: they all take their toll and your hair just sops it up. Even to those who take great care of themselves detoxing your hair is an important step to maintain healthy locks. 


We recently hung out with some awesome, boss babes from Dr. Axe that were looking to detox their hair, skin, and beauty routines. While these ladies are amazingly clean eaters (and brought some healthy snacks for us to share - YUM!) they were feeling the toxic buildup of life. Here in Nashville the water is HARD and living in any city means extra pollution. Let’s not even add in the toll prescription medication from those winter ailments can take! We we’re super super happy to teach them about getting in tip top shape and obviously we want to share . We’re not here to hold back secrets on good hair!

After sipping on some yummy collagen-protein chai tea lattes we got started finding the tresses in most need of some detoxifying love. Owner and Stylist, Sarah Ridings, went around to check hair health: looking for breakage, checking for healthy elasticity, feeling for dry or brittle texture and found her target: the beautiful Emily with brittle hair lacking much needed moisture.

Sarah swiftly moved Emily to the stylist seat where she brushed on a Malibu vitamin C treatment. Our Malibu acts like a magnet to remove product buildup, mineral buildup, medication deposits, and environmental pollution buildup.


Emily took a relaxing sit with wine and magazine under the drier for 45 minutes while the Malibu did it's work. After a wash and scalp massage, Sarah applied our Aqua Boost Moisturizing Treatment mask to sit and soften Emily's thirsty tresses. This reconstructing treatment can consist of the aforementioned Aqua Boost treatment, the Power Build Protein Treatment, or both depending of the need of the hair.  

It was now time for Emily's dry and style to really show off the amazing change detoxifying her hair had made. While Sarah blew out her hair she explained that her hair would feel lighter, feel softer, look healthier, and would probably lighten a few shades without even coloring. 

With Sarah's final spin to face Emily to her fellow Dr. Axe ladies, the look of surprise hit everyone's face  (See Above 😂) and a huge smily hit Emily's.  Emily was surprised how soft, light, and healthy her hair felt. She couldn't believe the buildup she had learned to live with. "It feels so light" she excitedly repeated to everyone. 

Sarah explains that everyone can benefit from a routine hair detox as often as monthly depending on your lifestyle. If you color your hair or plan on coloring your hair, it is best to book your Hair Detox right before coloring as it may lighten hair color and helps color stay for a longer time. 

Book your very own Hair Detox with us today!