Scrunchies: Not Just for the 90's

It's been a few years but, you've gotta remember those fabulous days of fluffy, colorful scrunchies decorating ponytails and braids. But ah the 90's; the 90's fashion died hard. I mean, this picture. This picture says it all: 

Here's the thing though, we're in favor of the scrunchie resurgence and it's not just about nostalgia. Did you know scrunchies are what should be adorning your hair while you sleep? Take it from Pure Stylist Alshia Burns: 

Elastic hair ties put extra stress on your hair and causes breakage. Scrunchies cover the elastic and are more gentle because of the larger area they cover on your hair. If you are going to sleep with your hair tied back, you’re going to want to use a scrunchie!”

Alisha's best wisdom if you do sleep with your hair tied back? A high pony or low braid to minimize breakage and to fend off that knotty morning bedhead. If you're wondering, "does my drugstore even still sell scrunchies?!" Yes they do and a silk or satin scrunchie will be the best choice to care for your hair.