DIY Recycled Oway Bottles

Sometimes simple is best and when simple teams up with recycling we're all for it!

We're in love with Oway: awesome, Italian biodynamic ingredients, beautiful glass bottles - but what to do with those gorgeous glass bottles when they're empty!? Well here is one option: We're in love with this Pretty Shampoo Bottle DIY from Almost Makes Perfect. It's a simple 3-piece DIY and you already have one of the parts!

The Almost Makes Perfect DIY begins with perfectly clean bottles so here are some tips to get your empty Oway bottles to that state! 

  • It's easiest to get the labels of when they're dry, although it still takes some careful pealing.
  • A couple good rinses and shakes with dish soap will get the hard to reach product out but, a thin bottle brush can be very helpful for this task!
  • We recommend sterilizing the bottles in boiling water. This is also good for getting excess label off, getting product out, and product scent out. 
  • Pumping clean soapy water through the pump is the best way to clean and get out excess product from the pump and the straw. 

Head over to the Almost Makes Perfect DIY for full instructions that follow. 

Glass in infinitely recyclable and, we may be biased but, we think it looks organically great around the house. Maybe a DIY isn't your speed? You can bring your empty bottles back to the salon and well recycle them for you and give you a tax-free purchase of their replacements!