Our Six Most Popular Organic Hair Products

Ever wonder what products we can't keep on the shelves? Here are our favorites: 

1. Bari Naturals Dry Shampoo

Why it's awesome: There's nothing quite like going an extra day or two between washes and when the packaging is environmentally friendly and the dry shampoo comes in YOUR hair color, how could you say no?! It's an additional plus that its essential oil mix makes that second day hair smell so fresh. 

2. Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner

Why it's awesome: While this entire line has been hyper popular, it seems no one can get enough of the Hydrating Cream Conditioner. It's a deeply hydrating conditioner that works without weighing down your tresses. It's been popular for reducing frizz and dryness after one use. To top it all off, it has a natural version of that high end salon smell that's hard to find in organic products. 

3. Invisibobbles

Why it's awesome: Hello to ponytails that don't pull and topknots that don't cause headaches. These lil' beauties keep your hair pulled back and crease free without causing breakage. If that isn't enough, they last FOREVER. If they ever become too stretched out, just soak them in a little warm water and they shrink right back up. 

4. Organic Colour Systems Power Build & Aqua Boost Systems

Why they're awesome: If your hair is in need of a health bomb these are your answer. These are the best way to inject some moisture or protein where your hair needs it. While these are powerhouses of hair healing, they also smell so good you'll want to slather them on way too often. 

5. O'right Yogurt Hair Mask

Why it's awesome: This versatile mask is less of a mask and more of a styling product and somehow it magically works for almost every hair type. It works as a blow dry cream, adds moisture to dry hair, seals frizzy ends and fly aways, and creates flexible movement without frizziness; it's kind of a miracle. Plus with it's sweet green tea scent, we can't think of anyone who couldn't find a way to use this Yogurt Hair Mask. 

6. Oway Nurturing Drops & Glossy Nectar

Why they're awesome: These oils absorb into hair - need we say more? It penetrates the cuticle to nourish and rebuild the hair from the inside. They offer heat protection, can cut blowdrying time by up to 50%, and add much desired shine. Plus, even the finest hair can handle these oils thanks to Nurturing Drops being formulated for thicker hair and Glossy Hair for thinner.