Meet Ray Taaffe!

We are happy to have Ray as part of the team at Pure as one of our new stylists!

My education within the hair industry initially started at Toni&Guy based out of Southern California, however my ethos and passion sparked much earlier. I have always had an interest and belief that beauty and personal style was much more than an outer facade of what others see. Confidence within beauty and personal style should not be dismissed as superficial vanity, but rather a form of self reflection, expression and a creative outlet.  I would not feel at home or fulfilled in the industry merely for the vain aspect, nor just simply to go through the motions of creating beauty to fit a trend or scene.  Alternatively, for giving people confidence, and helping them develop their personal style and the means to express it.

I believe we should all feel beautiful, confident, and feel capable of expressing ourselves through our personal style and energy; whether that changes day by day or once a year.  We are dynamic and multidimensional creatures, who should embrace that full heartedly and share it with the world.  

I attended the Toni&Guy academy in Newport Beach, CA and worked within the company for four years.  I then went on to explore a whole new side of the industry working at a boutique, Bumble&bumble Exclusive Salon, where I rented a space. In addition to working with my beloved clients, I helped further the education of new stylists and assistants with a variety ranging from basic to advanced creative cutting skills, color techniques, consultation skills, guidance in building a clientele, mentoring, product knowledge, link extensions, and more.

In being especially passionate about self expression, I have also found great joy in working with artists and other creatives out of the salon, and on set for television and film. Working in partnership with musicians, models, bloggers, clothing lines, and photographers on photoshoots, carefully crafting and developing an image and brand. Some examples are Americas Next Top Model (The CW), and Love&Stitches Boutique based out of Long Beach CA.  

Being an artist, model and musician myself, I feel very connected and eager to help people find their direction, along with what it is they want to say to the world.  

I'm intrigued and enthusiastic about constant self exploration and improvement. I believe all good things start from within to live a healthy (body, mind and spirit) balanced life.  Everything is connected, and it is important to be conscious of what we feed our bodies and our minds.  

But of course, everything in moderation, even moderation itself. ;)

I'm persistently eager to grow, learn, create new experiences and collaborate with, and surround myself around positive, creative people. 

"Don't worry if you make waves simply by being yourself, the moon does it all the time" - Scott Stabile

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Meet Jamie!!!

Photo Credit: Ashley Segroves

I find it very important to live an active lifestyle and exercise healthy eating habits. By offering a healthy alternative to maintain the hair, this allows me to express my passion in all aspects of the Beauty Industry. Having 10 years of professional experience in the world of hair, an eye for detail and passion for creating and maintaining  beauty in all walks of life. I am able to provide a precise look of what suits each individual in the best way possible.

My drive and determination to furthur my career continues to grow on a daily basis. I have exsposed myself to a variety of educational classes and seminars including intensive training in London, England. After which afterward, I was employed by two cruise lines, the Princess and the Celebrity. With an obvious appitite for travel and desire to advance myself, I look forward to working with a new clientel in Nashville after recently relocating from northern Indiana.

I take pride in tedious, detailed work and the education of my client base and myself on product knowledge with the sevice at hand. My experience with styling, formal up and down styling, precision cutting, dimentional coloring, color correction and hair smoothing allows me to listen to ones needs and desires in a most professional manor. I look forward to successfully delivering a personalized style of choice as well as input on any opinions I might add in a way of expressing ones look that I believe  all equally deserve.

Meet Sarah!!!

Photo Credit: Ashley Segroves

My artistic background, years of experience and passion for the arts and fashion industry allow me to deliver a professional opinion from many different angles to a diverse and devoted clientele.
Over the years, I have exposed myself to many different opportunities and education that has advanced my knowledge of the hair industry.  Working with a variety of professionals and photographers, providing hair in various photo shoots and session work including; fashion shows, social events, weddings, private parties, music festivals, and performances.

My experience with hair design, styling, finishing, precision cutting, razor, dry cutting, dimensional color, color correction, smoothers, and product knowledge provides me with the ability to transform and/or sustain ones image.  I possess a high level of confidence while maintaining a personable and affable character and relationship with my clients and colleagues.  My artistic background lends to my ability to intuitively recognize fashion and style, offering fresh alternatives for my clients while serving each individually in a manner that best suits their needs.  I navigate easily between classic and cutting edge styles providing a plethora of choices helping to create a most comfortable and refreshing atmosphere for my guests.