Why Your Shower Should Have a Filter with Alisha

You filter the water you drink but has it ever occurred to you to filter the water you shower in!?

You know the moment you step out of the shower and you get that whiff of, "was I just at the pool? When is the last time I went swimming? Why do I smell like chlorine!?" If you live in Nashville, Tennessee, where we're located, you may have noticed our water is HARD; it's a pain to clean and also is weighing down our beautiful locks with mineral buildup. No bueno. 

One of our stylists, Alisha Burns, is putting her foot down, "if you wouldn't drink it, why are you putting it on your hair." Alisha explains that un-filtered water introduces a trio of crud into your hair: "first copper which causes blondes to turn brassy, then chlorine which dries out the hair and scalp, and finally minerals in hard water make hair hard and heavy." She goes on to mention that if you are having unexplained dry scalp or hair breakage, watching your blonde go blah, or dealing with weighed down, hard hair you should consider fitting a filter on your shower. 

Alisha says her favorite place to find a filter is simply Amazon and she just picks one with plenty of good reviews. Thanks Alisha!