Experienced Hairstylists and Massage Therapists For Hire!

Pure is a team of creative people devoted to creating a toxin-free salon and spa experience. Our purpose is to spread awareness, educate, and provide you with a space for self care.  We are located at Marathon Village in Nashville, Tennessee. 


Are you ready to be surrounded by a trendy, healthy, positive atmosphere? Are you highly motivated and eager to build your career? Are you ready to learn new techniques and work with organic products?  

Pure is looking for experienced stylists and massage therapists with a mindset to the sustainable and organic. Ideal candidates will have an established client base in the Nashville area. 


Our service providers are commission based, independent contractors who lead healthy lifestyles and have sustainable practices at their core. Together, we are making a difference. If this sounds like you, we would be interested in hearing from you!

Please send your resume and a headshot to hello@purenashville.co (co NOT com).

Hair "Link" Extensions

Pure Stylist Ray Taaffe is offering Link Extensions! They are adhesive, chemical/toxin and damage FREE hair extensions. She uses 100% real human hair, which means you can treat them as your own. You can curl, cut, color and style them however you want! They are also a great way to simply add length, body or pops of color to your existing styles.

How Does It Work?

Ray applies your extensions using a silicone-lined bead. The silicone acts as a barrier between the bead and your hair, preventing any damage.  The main difference between this technique and others is that copper lined beads are most commonly used in applying extensions, which are a lot more rough and eventually break the hair. With Ray's extension process using the silicone-lined bead, you will not experience any roughness or damage to your hair!

How Do I Maintain The Extensions?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, we simply tighten the extensions between every 5-7 weeks. Link Extensions are a great way for you to grow your hair, allowing for easier daily styling and less damage to the hair! 


See below for some before + after photos of Sarah Ridings and Jamie Fismer with their own Link Extensions!

Ta Da!..

Give us a call for your consultation at: 615.679.0221 or by email: hello@purenashville.co!

Hannah Burch of Burch milk

Burch Milks | Photo by Lauren Roberts

Burch Milks | Photo by Lauren Roberts

Hannah Burch | Photo by Lauren Roberts

Hannah Burch | Photo by Lauren Roberts

Meet Hannah! She is the founder and owner of Burch Milk, an online raw-nut milk company.

Hannah is a passionate being, leading a holistic + natural lifestyle. Growing up with an intolerance to dairy that left her dissatisfied with her health, she set out to find an alternative. During her search, she came across an article regarding the ingredient: carrageenan. Carrageenan is a thickener that can cause digestion ailments, amongst other health issues. It is found in almost all mass produced boxed milks. She quickly realized even our health-conscious grocery store alternatives can have just as many chemicals and preservatives as non-organic milk. Yuck! 

On New Years Eve of 2015, Nashville gained its first nut milk company. Hannah turned her hobby into a business so that others could taste the difference between a homemade product versus a mass produced one, excluding carrageenan from ANY of her products. She uses six simple ingredients for every milk, which are all natural and organically sourced when available. There are no fillers or preservatives, allowing her customers to receive the full health benefits every nut milk provides the human body.


Burch Milk's Macadamia Nut Milk | Photo by Lauren Roberts

Burch Milk's Macadamia Nut Milk | Photo by Lauren Roberts

We're so glad we can now offer Burch Milk to pair with your tea or coffee during your time with us! We would like to give a special thanks to Hannah for this feature and for what she has brought to Nashville and Pure.

We hope to see you all during our Celebrate Sustainable Launch + Client Appreciation Party, where Burch Milk will have samples of her milks as well as the opportunity to take a bottle (or two) home with you! 



Check out all of the benefits from her raw nut milks on her website + more, here