Stained made good

Have you been to Pure for a visit?  If so, you most likely have heard about us being a green circle salon. If you haven't, we welcome you and I will explain what being a Green Circle Salon is.


Green Circle Salons is the beauty industry's pathway to sustainability. At their core they are innovators, pioneering truly sustainable solutions for repurposing, recycling, and capturing 95% of salon and spa waste since 2009.

Being a green circle salon has allowed us to divert 814.5 pounds of waste from landfills and waterways in 2017. That's amazing, right? 

GCS sends us HUGE shipping boxes along with a set of receptacles. In the receptacles, we will store hair clippings, paper/cardboard, plastics, metals like foiling packets and excess hair color. The hair clippings are used to make things like hair booms for oil spills, pet beds for the humane society and pillows for refugee camps. The excess hair color is converted into natural energy or water.  Once filled, the bags are entered into the large shipping boxes, packaged and sent off to GCS. Its that easy! We love that all items are recorded. We ask regularly about what are diversion numbers are. We like to share this information with our team and guests.


We try to up cycle and repurpose as much as we can. Colorists tend to stain their clothing while coloring a guests hair. It just happens. So stylists, why not embrace it? Mallory Granrath HAS and has done it well. She up cycles her color stained clothing while using excess hair color to design her stained made good clothing! Seriously, she could sell these. Am I right?! If you are interested in trying this out, just ask us for some left-over hair color. We have lots! 


I have also been experimenting with using our excess hair color in my paintings. Like I said, I am experimenting with this. It does work but I am finding that our oil based hair colour does not dry in the best way. Overtime, it seems to bleed on to the canvas. I will share when I feel it is worth sharing haha. 

Repurposing or recycling OWay glass bottles is one more suggestion we would have being organic salon creatives. We offer 10% off any future product purchases for those who bring used glass bottles back to us. We also recommend using Gunner's Glass Recycling for scheduled pick-ups in the Nashville area. 

-Sarah Ridings


Be your own kind of Beautiful

 "People will stare. Make it worth their while." -Harry Winston

As hair and skin professionals, we enjoy giving you walkable, wearable, living hair expression along with healthy, vibrant skin and eye grabbing lashes. You are beautiful in your own unique way. Your look is like no other and you inspire us!  It is our pleasure giving our professional opinion and yet we love hearing what ideas you might have for us. We REALLY enjoy working together and we are a team. Yes, what you do at-home is just as important as what we do with your hair, skin and lashes when you visit us.


Here are some product suggestions, tips and tricks on what we are really into right now.


Several of our stylists including Ray Taaffe and myself are in love with Glam Shine Cloud by O Way.

We recommend using a spray or two in the palm of your hair to disperse throughout the hair. If you are looking for NYE shine, spray LIGHTLY at full arms length above the head. 

 Here are some great ways to use it:

  • Use on your hair as a finishing polish to any style
  • Great for smoothing fly-aways for any looks done in-salon or on your own
  • Breaks up waves, just beautifully
  • It makes any hair color POP with shine

Style Pro tip: Ray suggests keeping your iron slightly hotter, leaving the hair on the iron for a shorter time span... be it 300 or 400 degrees... both are really damn hot. Shock your hair for less time rather than holding the hair on for 10 seconds in order to achieve the curl you want.


Head coordinator, Devon LOVES making any style last as long as possible after receiving a hair service, at Pure. She suggests using our gem of a product, Bari Natural's Dry Shampoo! Simply shake it in where you need it, leaving your style looking nice and fresh.



Party Hair Tips

Another one of our favs for a medium hold finishing spray would be Yarok Feed Your Hold. This is a great party hair product. It will sustain a natural looking style that will not flake or weight your hair down. 

  • WET HAIR Use as a styling lotion before blow drying or a roller set
  • DRY HAIR Spray full arms length above your head to seal the hold
  • STYLE NOTE Spray on hair while curling iron is heating each section for a faster hold

Skin expert, Caitlin Hart suggests instead of potentially damaging your skin by too frequently using exfoliants like scrubs, retinol and vitamin C serums, peels and more, try the 40/60 rule. Try 40% exfoliating products and 60% rebuilding products. Instead of layering product on top of dead skin let Caitlin help you pick the perfect routine!

Skin Therapist, Emily Jones is really into iLike' Sour Cherry Toner and ANY exfoliant she can get her hands on right now. She is in love with fresh natural looking foundations, too.

Pure Stylist, Stacy Freeman is into beachy, loose waves, rooted, balayaged & babylighted blondes, whispy/textured layers, cornrows, braids and pastels.

Stacy's tip for her guests is that she thinks the most important part of her hair service is the consultation; mini interview, if you will. This is where she will determine your mood, style, and goals for your service on any given day. She loves when you ask her questions. She is very passionate and has so much information to share. Be prepared to learn. So, please feel free to take notes!