Talking Toner: 4 BIG Reasons Why You Actually Do Need It

Have you been skipping toner in your skincare routine? Either it seems pointless, it feels too drying, - Here's why it's one of the most important steps to your skincare


1. It Completes Cleansing by Restoring Your Skin's pH

This one's a biggie: did you know the skin on your face is acidic as a can of crushed tomatoes? This acidic layer acts as a barrier that protects skin from bacteria and keeps moisture inside. Cleansers have a higher pH to get through the acid mantel and remove acne causing oil and bacteria. Without using a toner after, the cleanser makes your skin dry. Your skin then works twice as hard to get to it's normal pH leaving your skin excessively oily. With a toner, your helping your skin get back to it's normal pH level.

2. Toner Gets All The Leftovers Off Your Skin

Originally designed as an extra cleansing step, toners help get all the leftover dirt, makeup, impurities, and dead skin that your cleanser missed. This helps your following products sink deeper into your skin and go on more evenly. 

3. Toner Removes Acne Causing Oil

Preventing acne and killing bacteria deep in pores can be as simple as a quick swipe of toner after you cleanse. If you have blackheads, acne, or oil-prone skin; including toner in your routine helps remove pore-clogging oil. Using a toner with glycolic acid or salicylic acid is the best bet for those with oil-prone skin as these help break down acne causing sebum and dead skin. 

4. Toner Removes Chemicals

Tap water is full of chlorine and minerals. We've talked about how it can affect you hair, but what about your skin? Without toning, you are leaving that water to seep into and dry out your skin. Chlorine and other minerals work much like cleansers that cause a change in pH and make your skin work twice as hard to create oil. This makes your skin, at first, extremely dry only to be excessively oily shortly after. Using a toner removes the chemicals the tap water leaves on your skin and keeps the pH level happy.