Jamie Fismer


As a small town, mid-western girl, I had big dreams of moving to a big city and having a fabulous, thriving business as a hair stylist. It has been quite the journey through my career. My passion and experience was catapulted early on when I went to work on cruise ships. I was sent for training at the Steiner Academy in the suburb of Stanmore outside of London, England. I spent the next couple years jumping from one ship to another, starting on Celebrity Cruise Lines to Princess and Carnival.

After having enough of the fast paced life on cruise ships and meeting the man of my dreams, I decided to settle into a salon where I could focus on building my business, hone in on my craft and give the personalized experience that lacked on the cruise lines.

As I grew professionally and personally, I learned the importance of living an active lifestyle, exercising healthy eating habits along with being eco conscious and living as toxin free as possible. With salons typically being extremely toxic, I knew that educating and providing a toxin free space was what I had to do for others in my industry and for my clients. 

When starting Pure, it was essential to offer a healthy alternative to maintain the hair, and to work in an environment that lends to a healthy lifestyle all around. This allows me, my team and my guests to express passion in all aspects of the Beauty Industry in a healthy way.

Having 16 years of professional experience, I have an eye for detail and passion in creating while maintaining beauty in all walks of life. I am able to provide a precise look of what suits each individual in the best way possible.

The joy I have in working with my hands and having an artistic eye, I also find passion in repurposing furniture and creating art with reclaimed wood, recycling things that would otherwise be thrown out, which also lends to my desire to be eco conscious. I have a connection with nature and enjoy working in the garden as well as hiking in the woods.

I take pride in detailed work and the education that I provide for my guests.  I look forward to successfully delivering a personalized experience leaving you with a great look that compliments you and your lifestyle.